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PAC Program

Helping Students with Disabilities Gain Meaningful Employment

Mission Statement

Douglas County School District (DCSD) in partnership with Department of Education, Training, and Re-habilitation (DETR) will provide rigorous instruction and partner with local business to promote community inclusion. DCSD will inspire, empower, and prepare each young adult with exceptionalities to navigate their post secondary pathway striving to reach competitive employment in our community.


Opportunity to change community perception when young adults with disabilities receive the services they need to bridge the gaps between high school graduation and employment.

What is PAC?

Partners Across our Community (PAC) is a DCSD and DETR program focused on employment, not academics. PAC is designed for young adults, with a qualifying disability, ages 18 to 22. The PAC program is located at the Heritage Building in Gardnerville next to Gardnerville Elementary School.

What will young adults do in the PAC Program?

Young adults in DCSD will work with certified teachers and a vocational rehabilitation counselor on job specific training in industries like warehousing, hospitality, manufacturing, social services and food service.

Today’s employers are looking for employees with the following skills:

  • Timeliness & Preparedness
  • Resume and interview skills
  • Appropriate Hygiene
  • Ability to get along with co-workers
  • Staying focused at the work-site
  • Maintain employment

How it works

Young adults will learn to identity their employment interests and strengths in an environment that understands their needs.

Part of the day will be spent in the classroom, mastering skills all employers expect, and part will be out in the community actually visiting businesses, volunteering, job shadowing, learning to ride the bus and having real work based learning experiences. The goal is for young adults with disabilities to obtain competitive employment that meets the unique interests, strengths, and needs of the individual.


PAC Staff

Teresa Freitas

Teresa Freitas
PAC Program Coordinator

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Sherry Mitchell
PAC Program Coordinator

Alita Sack

Alita Sack



Nancy Brazeau


Daily Calendar

PAC Contact

Phone: (775) 309-0550

Location: Heritage Building

PAC News

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