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Parent Guidance


DCSD is excited to partner with the Cook Center for Human Connection and their website This is a mental health resource for parents and provides parents a trusted place to go for real answers, to find support and real help for their children.

This FREE resource offers parents access to licensed therapists delivering different courses for parents on topics like living with a child with depression, identifying anxiety, coping with grief and loss.

Mental Health Series Calendar

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1. Online parenting courses

In, click on “Courses” select over 50 Free courses in the privacy of your own home.


2. Ask a Therapist

In, click on “Ask a Therapist” to review therapist responses to Frequently Asked Questions submitted by parents, or submit a question of your own.


3. Watch the Replay
    Previous Mental Health Webinars

2023-2024 Webinars

September:  How to Motivate Your Child
Webinar Replay   |    Password: No passcode needed

October:  De-escalating Cycles of Conflict
Webinar Replay-english   |    Password: No passcode needed

Webinar Replay-spanish   |    Password: No passcode needed

November:  School Avoidance
Webinar Replay   |    Password: No passcode needed

December:  Body Positivity: Nurturing Self Image
Webinar Replay   |    Password: No passcode needed

January:  Understanding Video Game Addiction
Webinar Replay   |    Password: No passcode needed

February:  Supporting Your Child After Trauma
Webinar Replay   |    Password: No passcode needed

March:  Helping Your Child Succeed
Webinar Replay- English   |    Password: No passcode needed

Webinar Replay- spanish   |    Password: No passcode needed

April:  Parenting through Anxiety & Depression
Webinar Replay   |    Password: No passcode needed

May:  Establishing Healthy Boundaries
Webinar Replay   |    Password: No passcode needed

2022-2023 Webinars

February:  Bullying - Stop the Cycle
Webinar Replay   |    Password: 0x853Cr!

March:  Building Your Child's Confidence
Webinar Replay   |    Password: EHxPf9.%

April:  Your Child's Anxiety
Webinar Replay   |    Password: @&58pJPq

May:  Effects of Screen Time & Your Child's Mental Health
Webinar Replay   |    Password: g=Q@1WvZ

June:  Substance Use & Vaping
Webinar Replay   |    Password: No passcode needed


4. Parent Coaching

If you need additional parenting support, COACHING is a free, confidential resource we are providing parents. Please use this link to learn more about Parent Coaching. It will explain what coaching can do for you and includes short videos within the website that explain more about coaching. If you feel coaching is the extra layer of support you are looking for, go directly to select "Register for Coaching" to get registered – it is a FREE service to families within our district. Your participation in Coaching is completely HIPAA compliant and confidential. Your personal information, participation, or concerns discussed will NOT be reported back to the school district.

For more information about the coaching process download these flyers:

Coaching for Parents        How Does Coaching Work

Care Solace

When you or your child needs help, it’s hard to know where to turn. In an effort to ease the burden of finding the mental health and substance use services you need, we’ve partnered with Care Solace, your central hub of care.

With a network of over 350,000 providers and services, Care Solace will help you find the right help at the right time, 24/7/365, at no cost to you. They will connect you with providers accepting all medical insurances, including Medicaid, Medicare, and sliding scale options for those without insurance.

You can access Care Solace services in three ways:

  • Call 888-515-0595 at any time. Multilingual support is available 24/7/365. A dedicated Care Companion will help you every step of the way to research options, secure appointments, and follow up to make sure it is a good fit.
  • Search anonymously to get matched with an extensive list of care providers at
  • Contact your school health professional, and they will submit a referral on your behalf.

The goal of the Heath Service Nurse is to assist students, families, and staff with health care needs and the prevention of health related illness or injury that would impede the learning process. A healthy environment builds a healthy student and provides the optimal setting for learning and achieving one’s maximum potential.

Back to School Immunizations at the Health Clinic

Back-To-School Immunizations, Sliding Scale Fee

Carson Valley Health is offering back-to-school immunizations at its Primary Care Minden and Topaz Ranch clinics. Sliding scale discounted fees and financial assistance are available through its Community Care Assistance Program.

"Great healthcare shouldn't break the bank, and it is our policy to provide essential services regardless of the patient's ability to pay," Shannon Alber, CVH's chief operating officer, said. "Sliding scale fees and discounted services are offered depending on the household's income and family size."

Primary Care | Minden Village - 775-782-1603 | 1649 Lucerne St. in Minden
Primary Care | Topaz Ranch - 775-783-3096 | 3919 Carter Dr. in Wellington

Health Resources

My Life is Worth Living

My Life is Worth Living™ is the first animated series that models the human connection shown to be protective against suicide. The series tells stories of characters who face some of the most difficult issues that young people deal with and shows their evolution in the key decision: that life is worth living.