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Student Life

DCSD students thrive in a personalized, modern, and supportive environment. Douglas County Schools work hard to create a place of belonging in which you can take pride in and realize your full potential, both in and out of the classroom.

The Hallmarks of an EPIC classroom are:

  • Student Voice
  • Student Choice
  • Transparency of Learning
  • Student Ownership


My name is Mia. Last year I was a 4th grader, I was in a model classroom for EPIC and I wanted to share my experience with EPIC. EPIC means Empower-Prepare-Inspire-Connect. EMPOWER means to self reflect on yourself, where you are at in a standard, and if you are ready to move up or stay where you are for a little bit longer. EPIC gives a voice to the students. EPIC PREPARES you for different subjects we learn in school like math and reading…etc. EPIC PREPARES you for making future life decisions. I feel fortunate that I got to be one of the first students that got to experience EPIC. I love my school and all of the teachers as well. I feel ver y safe and welcome at my school and thanks to EPIC I feel ver y EMPOWERED to make decisions about my education. I feel PREPARED for the future. I feel INSPIRED to do the best I can. I feel more CONNECTED to the school. Thank you.

Mia M. - 5th Grade @ Minden Elementary School